New Product Packaging Launch Boasts Child-Resistant Safety Feature

Dymapak today launched their new ‘Squeeze and Turn Tin’ – a revolutionary, 100% curbside recyclable child-resistant CPG packaging solution that will be a game-changer for cannabis companies.

The Squeeze and Turn Tin is an innovative solution for child-resistant packaging, keeping products fresher for longer thanks to its airtight seal and metal-on-metal construction. The tin’s proprietary mechanism is designed to harmonize with the natural attributes of steel and features audible and tactile feedback when opening and closing, reassuring consumers that their package is sealed. While securely child-resistant, the tin is also designed to be accessible to elderly or arthritic consumers who may have difficulty opening other all-metal child-resistant packaging, standing out for its ease and simplicity among the current industry standard.  

Leading the Way in Reducing Plastic Waste

As a 100% curbside recyclable design, the Squeeze and Turn Tin keeps sustainability at the forefront. The tin leads the way in circular packaging and sustainability, with the potential to replace billions of plastic child-resistant closures that are thrown away each year. 

“At Dymapak, we are committed to continually evolving to meet customers’ needs, while keeping products secure and the environmental impact in mind,” said Ross Kirsh, Dymapak CEO in a press release. “The Squeeze and Turn Tin prioritizes high-quality, easy-to-use packaging solutions that reduce the sizable and growing waste problem we see from plastic closures. We are thrilled to share our new proprietary tin with companies looking for safe, simple and sustainable solutions.”

Helping the Cannabis Industry Comply with Regulations

The cannabis industry continues to undergo challenges with their product packaging. Not only do brands need to worry about child-resistant packaging, but they also need to steer clear from any packaging that closely resembles popular candy and snack items for children. Dymapak can help with this problem.

The company is a long-standing leader in packaging, with a customer base across a range of industries including healthcare, CPG and cannabis. Customers such as Novartis, Walgreens, Trulieve, Old Pal and more utilize Dymapak’s quality and trustworthy solutions. All Dymapak products go through rigorous laboratory testing prior to release.

“Dymapak has earned our trust by consistently delivering custom packaging solutions that meet each of our needs in a timely fashion, so we are looking forward to trying their new Squeeze and Turn Tin,” said James Stephenson, CEO of New York-based Ohho in the release. “Our customers have long been asking for a package that is easier to open, and we’ve been waiting for an option that also maintains product freshness, prevents degradation and complies with all safety regulations. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Dymapak as they create more and more innovative packaging options.” 

The Squeeze and Turn tin has been submitted for child-resistant testing and will be evaluated in accordance with CPSC standards and protocol to conform to the requirements of a Poison Prevention Package as defined in CPSC 16 CFR 1700.