About Cannabis Regulator

Cannabis Regulator is an online community that can confidentially share and learn about the challenges and opportunities that await federal, state and local governments with the expanding legalization of medical and recreational marijuana.

Drawing on our experience through a sister publication, StateWays, that covers alcohol beverage control boards, Cannabis Regulator can uniquely present your message informatively and objectively with the regulating agencies in mind.

There are opportunities for advertising in our e-newsletter and on the website which are limited to industry associations, research companies, data providers, regulatory technology, consultants, etc. No product-based advertising will be accepted at this time.

Informative content contributions (native advertising) will be considered for a placement fee. We welcome industry experts and bloggers to join our network through subscription. Both options are subject to the Editor’s approval.

Please support the effort of Cannabis Regulator to build the bridge between the resources of your organization and the government agencies who are navigating the legal marijuana landscape.

The Cannabis Regulator educates regulatory agencies about the legal marijuana industry through a monthly newsletter containing informative features, critical data and pertinent news stories. This newsletter will not sell subscribers’ names or contacts. And it will not advertise cannabis products. It is intended to provide government and other officials with resources to navigate the ever-evolving cannabis business.