Hemper and Fred Segal Launch Exclusive Smoking Accessory Line

Hemper and Fred Segal Smoking Accessory Line
Hemper and Fred Segal Smoking Accessory Line

HARA Brands’ Hemper and lifestyle brand Fred Segal have partnered together to launch an exclusive line of smoking accessories. The collection of classic smokeware silhouettes are injected with Fred Segal’s branding and message of positivity and love, the company states.

The Hemper x Fred Segal product suite, available online through both brands’ websites and at select Fred Segal retail locations, blends the sleek Fred Segal aesthetic with Hemper’s fun product designs, according to the company.

“Born in 1961, Fred Segal has been at the forefront of cultural evolution, embodying the spirit of the counterculture movement,” said Jeff Lotman, Owner of Fred Segal, in a news release. “It’s only fitting that we curate a collection of stylish bongs and accessories, and we’re thrilled with the innovative designs crafted by Hemper.”

Stylish Smoking Accessories

The line includes the Beaker Bong, Bubble Bong, Peace Pipe, Heart Ashtray, Peace Hand Ashtray, Peace Sign Ashtray and Love Catchall, the company states.

“Globally known as the Curator of Cool, Fred Segal changed retail and pop culture forever through fearless innovation, strategic partnerships, and vision of the future,” said Bryan Gerber, Co-founder and CEO of HARA Brands, in the release. “As industry pioneers ourselves, we are proud to partner with Fred Segal by continuing to push the envelope, build new relationships, create new lanes, and ultimately drive culture. Through highly intentional product design and a focus on enhancing the smoking experience, we have amassed a spirited and loyal customer base. This collaboration allows us to bring the Hemper brand to an exciting, new audience of like-minded consumers.”