CANNRA Launches Public Resource on Regulating Cannabinoids

Cannabis Regulators Association.

The Cannabis Regulators Association (CANNRA) released a new public-facing resource last week – a guidance document outlining best practices in regulating cannabinoids for safety. The document aggregates insight from CANNRA members to identify minimum requirements in cannabinoid regulation to protect consumer safety and public health, according to the organization.

“I am happy to see this resource come to fruition,” said CANNRA’s Executive Director, Dr. Gillian Schauer, in a news release. “As an association whose members have deep experience regulating cannabis and cannabinoids, it’s important that regulators come together to distill these best practices and share them with others who are developing and deliberating regulatory approaches.”

These best practices for protecting safety include regulations related to:

  • Licensing and registration
  • Processing and manufacturing standards
  • Age-gating
  • Product form, dose, and content regulations
  • Packaging and labeling regulations
  • Advertising regulations
  • Education, compliance, and enforcement programs

The resource is available on CANNRA’s website.