Sessions Seems More Focused On Cartels, Less On Legal Cannabis

It hasn’t been easy to pry an opinion about legal cannabis out of the new U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. His past comments on marijuana have been less-than auspicious, to say the least. But since his appointment by President Trump, Sessions has remained mostly mum on the topic of legalization.

Reports recently surfaced, however, of an interesting conversation Sessions had with Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones. The two talked last Tuesday about a broad range of topics, including Session’s current take on cannabis regulation. Here’s what Jones alleges that Sessions had to say:

“Regarding the prioritization of federal resources to combat marijuana, he didn’t see the federal government getting involved in marijuana use or low-level state, what are traditionally state and local crimes, but, I don’t think he ruled out the possibility of the federal government getting involved in larger-scale operations.”

The sheriff added that those larger operations would include trafficking by drug cartels.


That would seem like Sessions is okay with status quo for the time being for the legal industry, while focusing his time and energies on the bigger picture of illegal cannabis activities.

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