Germany Approves Marijuana Legalization Bill


Germany’s parliament has officially approved a bill to legalize marijuana nationwide. This makes Germany the third European Union member state to legalize cannabis for personal use, following Malta and Luxembourg.

Two days after the cannabis legislation was considered by eight committees of the Bundestag, the full body voted 407-226 on final passage today.

Germany’s Big Step in Cannabis Legalization

The bill — which will make possession and home cultivation legal as well as authorize social clubs to distribute marijuana to members — now heads to the Bundestrat. This separate legislative chamber represents German states, though its members cannot stop the reform from being enacted. 

After the Bundestrat examines the bill, it is expected to go into effect April 1.


“Germany has made a big step in cannabis legalization and taken cannabis off the narcotics list,” says Michael Sassano, Founder and CEO of  SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals. “Medical cannabis around the globe is hailing this as a first big step for all regulators in the EU and global communities to provide a safer alternative to what big pharma is currently providing. A global medical cannabis boom has started, and it will be heard around the globe.”

Jason Adelstone, Senior Associate Attorney at Vicente LLP, adds, “It is exciting to see the scaled-back German legalization measure finally become law. Even though Germany didn’t legalize commercial sales, the governing coalition should be applauded for turning the page on prohibition.

“With Germany joining Malta and Luxembourg in acknowledging that regulation, rather than prohibition, better protects the health and safety of its citizens, it could help propel other EU nations to do the same,” he continues.