Mike Tyson + Royal Queen Seeds Takeover Times Square for Countdown to 4:20 on 4/20

Image credit: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for Royal Queen Seed

In celebration of the 4/20 holiday and a major marketing play, Mike Tyson, former professional boxer and co-founder of the cannabis brand Tyson 2.0 along with global cannabis seed bank Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) took over the famous One Times Square billboard from 4:10 p.m. – 4:19 p.m. The in-person countdown lasted 60 seconds until the clock hit 4:20 p.m. on April 20.

 Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for Royal Queen Seeds

“New York on 420 is the ultimate place to honor the journey to further the adoption of cannabis!” emphasized Tyson. “Growing up in Brooklyn, I’m amazed to see how the perceptions around this plant have evolved. Today’s vibrant cannabis culture is the perfect match-up for TYSON 2.0, and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate 420 with our partner Royal Queen Seeds. Growing cannabis at home has been paramount in deepening my bond with cannabis. And now, my fans can tap into the TYSON 2.0 experience in a whole new way.”

The in-person countdown was also in celebration of New York’s cannabis home grow rules going into effect along with the two brands’ seed partnership that launched earlier this year. 

“I started TYSON 2.0 to spread the healing power of cannabis to people across the world. With Royal Queen Seeds as a partner, I want to give consumers access to my favorite cannabis genetics for them to grow at home,” said Tyson. “Whether you’re a master cultivator, or a novice grower, TYSON 2.0 x Royal Queen Seeds’ genetics will make you feel like a pro every harvest.”

“Securing top-tier genetics is critical for cultivating quality cannabis, both at scale and at home,” commented Adam Wilks, CEO of Carma HoldCo, the parent company of TYSON 2.0. “Our partnership with Royal Queen Seeds underscores our commitment to providing home-grow enthusiasts with the assurance that every harvest yields the caliber of cannabis that Mike himself demands.”