Nowadays THC-infused Spirit Launches Nationally

Nowadays cannabis thc infused spirit

Nowadays has rolled out as a nationally available cannabis-infused spirit. Available in Low Dose and Micro Dose, Nowadays delivers a “light and buzzy experience” in a 750-ml. bottle.

The brand was developed with the goal to bridge the gap between non-alcoholic and alcoholic products. Nowadays is intended for consumption in a similar fashion to alcohol. It can be enjoyed as a shot, poured over ice or mixed into a cocktail. Unlike edibles, both varieties of Nowadays are designed to have a quick and consistent onset time, the company says, delivering the intended effect within 15 minutes of consumption.

“We created Nowadays to change the future of how we drink with an easy entry point to cannabis that can be enjoyed in place of alcohol,” says Justin Tidwell, Nowadays Co-Founder. “The future of the cannabis industry is dependent on creating the next generation of products that will draw in mass market consumers. By leading with a low dose of THC packaged in a familiar format, we are excited to be at the forefront of this new chapter.”

Nowadays has a fruit-forward tasting profile and zero cannabis taste, the company says. Each 1.5-oz. serving contains 10 calories and 2 mg of sugar.

This brand comes in two varieties:

  • Nowadays Micro Dose: 2 mg THC per 1.5-oz. serving (33 mg THC per 750-ml. bottle), delivering a light buzz that is ideal for new cannabis consumers.
  • Nowadays Low Dose: 6 mg THC per 1.5-oz serving (100 mh THC per 750-ml. bottle), offering a stronger buzz for the experienced cannabis consumer.

“As cannabis legislation and regulations are constantly evolving, we’re proud to be the first cannabis-infused spirit with mass market availability,” says Anthony Puterman, Nowadays Co-Founder. “We intentionally developed Nowadays as a low dose cannabis product to be able to reach as many consumers as possible and look forward to expanding our retail presence in the coming months.”

Nowadays is currently available across 35+ states, online at and at select retailers. The 33 mg THC Micro Dose bottles retail for $39.99, and the 100 mg THC Low Dose bottles retail for $59.99.