Medical Research Finds Cannabis Use Improves Patients’ Health


In partnership with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM), AYR Wellness just published a medical research paper in the Journal of Medical Cannabis & Cannabinoids, a peer-reviewed journal that serves as an international forum for recent advances in the field of medical marijuana. 

The research, “Observational Analysis of the Influence of Medical Marijuana Use on Quality of Life in Patients,” delves into how medicinal cannabis use can impact the physical, social and mental well-being of patients. Survey responses over 90 days indicate:

  • Patients experienced significant improvements in physical, social functioning, emotional well-being, and energy levels. 
  • Patients displayed decreased emotional limitations, fatigue, and pain.

Cannabis Use Showed Significant Improvements in Health

Patients over 18 years of age who were members of the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program (PAMMP) were recruited from regulated Pennsylvania medical marijuana dispensaries to participate in this study. Over 90 days, participants were remotely administered an electronic survey every 30 days to collect medical marijuana use patterns and assess changes in quality of life, the research states.

Of the 103 participants who completed the study, significant improvements were observed in physical and social functioning, emotional well-being, and energy levels within the first 30 days. Participants reported significant decreases in emotional limitations, fatigue and pain levels, according to the research.

Notably, participants who used inhaled or vaped products (defined as vape cartridges and concentrates) were younger and exhibited a significantly higher increase in emotional well-being scores compared to those who used flower products (defined as dry leaf only). Participants who consumed medical marijuana for opioid use demonstrated significantly higher THC consumption compared to those seeking treatment for anxiety, chronic pain or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Improvements in the first 30 days also remained constant for the remainder of the study, the research states.

Continued Research on Medical Marijuana

“It is with great pride that we celebrate the publication of our first medical research paper in conjunction with LECOM,” said Bowie, Director of Patient and Customer Care at AYR Wellness, in a news release. “We are also deeply invested in expanding our knowledge of how the cannabis plant can benefit the lives of patients and customers. As we continue to partner with LECOM to conduct medical studies and publish additional papers, AYR is eager to emphasize the known capabilities of the plant and discover new ways in which it can impact medicine.”

The experience of patients throughout the 90-day study highlights the positive impact medical marijuana can have on the lives of patients in Pennsylvania and further destigmatizes the plant. Clinicians and researchers are encouraged to continue analyzing the medical efficacy of the plant to discover additional benefits and gain a heightened understanding of its long-term effect on patients.