Long Beach Works With Cannabis Industry For Better Educational Programming

Cannabis education programs of decades past may not have been the most realistic teaching aids. They may have helped create stigmas against marijuana that held back the industry for some time.

Whether or not those statements are true, modern teachers seem more willing to collaborate with the legal cannabis industry — rather than work against it — in outreach programs that educate people about safe use.

Like in Long Beach, California. The state legalized recreational cannabis during the last election cycle, greatly expanding the population’s access to marijuana. As millions more people gain easier access, it’s imperative that the government also provide educational services so that consumers use these products in a safe manner.

So, according to a news article in the Press-Telegram, government leaders in Long Beach worked with local cannabis professionals on an educational campaign that “encourages safe use, cautions against drug-impaired driving, and educates parents about concerns associated with youth consumption.”

“One thing I’ve been told repeatedly by states that have legalized marijuana is . . . they wish they would have come to the table with the marijuana industry to develop best practices,” says Long Beach Councilwoman Suzie Price in the article.

The objective is to create policies that all parties can support, the article reports.