WYNK Launches New Tangerine Flavor

WYNK's new Tangerine flavor.
WYNK's new Tangerine flavor.

As we push through these last few months of winter, WYNK is getting customers ready for the spring season with their newest flavor launch: Tangerine.

WYNK, a hemp-derived THC:CBD drink, is legal to enjoy in 36 states. Previously available in three flavors including Lime Twist, Black Cherry Fizz and Juicy Mango, the new Tangerine flavor is a delicious addition to the lineup. Available in 6oz cans with a 2.5mg dose and 12oz cans with a 5mg dose, it’s a tangy citrus burst paired with a soft sweetness, the company states.

WYNK beverages can be purchased through their website and are also available in select retailers in 13 states.