Ukraine Lawmakers Vote to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Ukraine votes to legalize medical marijuana.
Ukraine votes to legalize medical marijuana.

Ukraine’s parliament voted today to legalize medical marijuana. This vote comes after the war with Russia left thousands of people with post-traumatic stress disorder that many believe could be eased by the drug, according to the Associated Press.

“At the most pivotal moment in the Ukrainian conflict, cannabis legalization seems like the least important decision that the Ukraine government should be legislating,” says Michael Sassano, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Somai Pharmaceuticals as well as a leading voice in Europe’s cannabis scene.

“The U.S. should take note that although there are always more important issues to take up, individual health and access to healthy alternative medicines like cannabis should be the right of every citizen,” he continues.

A Means to Help Ease PTSD

Discussions in Ukraine about cannabis accelerated after the start of the war and culminated in July of this year when the nation’s parliament, in an initial vote, passed legalization allowing it for medical purposes. It was then finalized and approved by the National Health, Medical Care and Health Insurance Committee in October. 

Associated Press also states that the new law will come into effect in six months’ time. Passed by 248 votes in the 401-seat parliament in Kyiv, it will allow cannabis to be used for scientific and industrial purposes. 

The legislation imposes strict controls on cannabis production and distribution, and a doctor’s prescription will be required to obtain any medical cannabis, according to Associated Press. Recreational cannabis remains illegal. 

“This vote isn’t just about access to a plant; it’s about offering hope and healing to a nation scarred by unimaginable trauma,” Jeffrey M. Zucker, Co-founder and President of Green Lion Partners, says. “It’s about compassion, recognizing the suffering of the Ukrainian people and offering them a tool for healing. It’s about showing the world that even in the darkest of times, Ukraine chooses to embrace hope and science for the sake of its citizens.”

“This is a great opportunity in so many ways. It’s a great opportunity to provide compassionate use to people that are going to need it more than ever. It’s a great opportunity to reduce the reliance on opioid-based pain management. It’s a great opportunity to establish a foundational approach to health and wellness as Ukraine rebuilds. And lastly it is an incredible economic opportunity for Western businesses to establish their foothold in this economy,” states Leslie Bocksor, CEO and Chairman of Indoor Harvest. “A sad truth is that there is never more economic opportunity than after a devastating war like what we’ve seen over there.”