The Drinkable Co. Diversifying the Cannabis Beverage Market

Although cannabis beverages are one of the smallest segments in the industry, it is growing fast. It’s a popular consumption format for basically every consumer in the world. As manufacturing and emulsion techniques continue to improve, better products are getting added to the market, giving customers more options to choose from.

The market is growing so fast, in fact, that the global cannabis beverages market size is projected to grow from $915.06 million in 2021 to $19,063.58 million in 2028 at a CAGR of 54.31% in forecast period, according to Fortune Business Insights.

Raising the Bar for Cannabis Beverages

Due to this surge in popularity, many cannabis companies have been hopping on the bandwagon and releasing their own cannabis-infused concoctions. In a market flooded with these products, The Drinkable Co. is standing out by delivering a line of premium beverages that seamlessly fit into consumers’ lifestyles — no matter what type of cannabis they enjoy. 

The Drinkables Co.’s beverage lineup includes Zenith Cold Brew, Tiger Tea and Swivel Craft Soda. Manufactured with state of the art, fast-acting and water-soluble emulsion technology, each beverage contains 5mg of full spectrum cannabis oil and provides an early onset of effects, at a controlled pace.

Zenith Cold Brew Coffee is carefully brewed, richly flavored and has zero calories. The fusion of locally roasted coffee and tantalizing flavors accompanied with cannabis makes for a perfect ‘pick me up’ at any point of the day. Whether the consumer needs a boost in the morning, a recharge in the afternoon or just simply finds bliss in cold brew, Zenith is the perfect journey.

Tiger Tea: Cannabis Infused Real Tea is thoughtfully brewed yielding a naturally powerful experience. Made with freshly brewed, real green tea, this lightly sweetened and antioxidant rich beverage leaves consumers with a refreshing, earthy sensation. Tiger Tea also comes in two varieties including strawberry, along with the combination of wild berry and hibiscus.

Swivel Cannabis Infused Craft Sodas are made for the consumers who are ready to shake things up in any social setting, without the aftermath of a hangover. Available in four varieties including cola, diet cola, orange and root beer, the naturally flavored, low-calorie soda leaves consumers feeling light and airy and has less sugar than most craft sodas.

The Path to Building a Sociable Way to Consume Cannabis

A team of beverage experts totaling close to 100 years of experience in generating best-in-class beverages launched The Drinkable Co. in 2022. Led by industry veterans Mark Mahoney and Lee Brody, the brand is dedicated to offering high-quality cannabis-infused beverages that deliver exceptional taste, efficacy and approachability. 

For Mahoney, the idea behind creating The Drinkable Co. was twofold. “The analyst I hired shared with me that one of the top cannabis consumption populations in the world is between Maine and Maryland. The other fact is that drinking a cannabis beverage is the only sociable aspect of consuming cannabis that we knew would be assimilated to drinking alcohol, is portable and can be put in a can,” he says. 

Mahoney has noticed that the typical cannabis beverage consumer ranges in age from 25 to 55, which is why he wanted to create a variety of options so no matter the age, any consumer can enjoy a beverage from The Drinkable Co. With a tea, a soda and a beer option, they reach a much wider demographic than most of their competitors. 

“I stopped consuming alcohol almost entirely two years ago when I got into this, so there is a large aging demographic that is looking at how this compares to alcohol, which is a toxin and a poison, and how they can better protect their liver and internal organs,” Mahoney says.

Plans for Future Growth

Currently, The Drinkable Co. beverages are available in select retailers in both Massachusetts and Maine. Mahoney says their products will be available in 10 states by 2024 and has plans to offer even more products in the near future. 

“We just did an LTO for October and November on Zenith Cold Brew: Pumpkin Cold Brew Coffee,” Mahoney says. “We will also be introducing a non-alcoholic IPA soon, which will be the first in a series of non-alcoholic beers. We think that’ll be a big hit. And in the spring, we’ll be launching an Old Fashioned Canned Water with THC.”

There is a lot to look forward to in the coming months, and The Drinkable Co. is positioned for strong growth amid a booming category. Stay tuned for more great things launching from this innovative beverage brand!