Michigan Marijuana Sales Exceeded $3 Billion in 2023


Data from Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) reported that legal marijuana retailers in the state sold more than $3 billion worth of cannabis in 2023, with dispensaries in December recording stronger sales than ever before.

Licensed businesses saw $279.9 million in total sales last month, according to the latest state sales data. This is a new record for Michigan, beating out the previous highest monthly haul of $276.7 million set last July.

Michigan’s CRA reported that all recorded sales for 2023, including both adult-use and medical purchases, came to $3,057,161,285.85. This is about a third more than 2022’s annual total of $2.29 billion.

Other States Are Seeing Record Cannabis Sales

Michigan is not the only state that closed out 2023 with record sales. Shanken News Daily stated that a variety of states across the U.S., including new markets like Maryland and Connecticut and more mature ones like Illinois, saw record cannabis sales last month. In addition to those monthly records, reports from New Mexico, Arkansas, and Maine all showed strong growth for retail cannabis.

Recreational Marijuana Sales Were Higher

The Michigan’s data found that recreational sales made up the vast majority of market activity for 2023, with medical marijuana purchases dwindling as the months went on. During the month of December, adult-use dispensaries sold $276.7 million, which is about 99% of all legal cannabis sales for the month. Meanwhile, medical sales totaled $3.2 million, making up barely more than 1% of the market.

Flower was a popular purchase in December, raking in the most sales for both medical and adult-use markets, with vape cartridges following close behind.