Hot Cannabis Products to Elevate Your 4/20 Experience


The big cannabis holiday, 4/20 is right around the corner! And there’s no better way to celebrate than with some high quality products. From edibles and beverages to pre-rolls and vapes, we put together a list of some of our favorite marijuana products for you to enjoy on 4/20 or any time of the year.

Ache Away Eddies PM

Unwrap, unwind, and “ahhhhhhh” with this nighttime gummy. Combining their two best-selling fruit chews – Bedtime Betty’s and Ache Away Eddies – Betty’s Eddies have created one dreamy formula to encourage a good night’s sleep. The brand’s newest recipe infuses full-spectrum cannabis, CBN, CBC, Chamomile, Turmeric and Piperine into an Orange Creme fruit chew. Each package contains 10 chews and each chew contains 5 mg of THC, 5 mg of CBN and 5 mg of CBC.

Blueberry Muffin Bites

Start your morning on a high note with these new blueberry bites. Bursting with berries and flavor, these mini muffin bites are a mix of sweet and tart and made with full spectrum cannabis. Each mini muffin contains 5 mg of THC, and each container has 5 muffins.

Mimosa 1g Pre-Roll

Available at select dispensaries throughout Massachusetts, these pre-rolls are a Sativa-Hybrid and features uplifting effects with a tantalizing citrus aroma. Created through a cross of Tangie and Purple Punch, this sativa-dominant hybrid presents itself with vibrant green buds adorned with fiery orange pistils. As its name suggests, Mimosa exudes a distinct scent reminiscent of freshly squeezed oranges, infusing the air with a zesty and refreshing fragrance.

Vibations Strawberry Lemonade 5mg Drink Mix

Vegan and gluten free with vitamins and electrolytes and naturally caffeinated with Guarana, this drink mix is a great way for consumers to start their day on 4/20. Berry bold and tasty with a tart finish, this THC-infused drink mix can simply be added to water as a way to wake up and hydrate. Each pack contains 10 drink mixes and each individual drink mix contains 5 mg of THC.

Lunar Lavenberry CBD/CBN Vape

If you’re looking to chill out on 4/20 without the THC, these CBD/CBN vape pens are perfect for just that. Featuring broad spectrum CBD distillate, CBN isolate and cannabis terpenes, each tank includes 500 mg of CBD, CBT and CBG. The single-use, non-refillable tanks fit with standard 510-thread batteries.

Alien Fire Fruit x Larry Berry Infused Pre-Roll

Item 9 Labs’ 1g full flower pre-roll is infused with concentrate. Made with Biscotti Cookies X Kiwi Kandy strain, this tasty pre-roll will be the perfect sweet treat for anyone on 4/20.