High Rise Beverage Company Debuts New THC-Free Line

High Rise Beverage Company Blackout Edition.
High Rise Beverage Company Blackout Edition.

In time with other alcohol beverage companies releasing zero proof drinks, High Rise Beverage Company is also introducing their own sober-friendly refreshment: High Rise Blackout Edition. This THC-free beverage contains natural adaptogens as key ingredients to promote the calming or lifting effects of the THC High Rise drinks, the company states.

Launching in March, the High Rise Blackout Edition line will feature four delicious flavors: pineapple, lime, blackberry and grapefruit. They will also come in two distinct variations: Balance & Lift.

  • The ‘Balance’ line contains Ashwagandha and Gotu Cola to ease stress and enhance mental clarity.
  • The ‘Lift’ line contains B vitamins, Ginseng, and Rhodiola to help supercharge mood and energy for peak performance.

A portion of the proceeds from High Rise Blackout Edition will go directly to supporting cannabis education and contributing to positive changes in hemp laws, according to the company.

“The High Rise Beverage community is determined to ignite change through the fusion of culture, passion, and cannabis. The ‘Blackout Edition’ stands as a symbol of our dedication to innovation, community support, and the evolution of the hemp industry,” said founder Matt Skinner in a news release.