Helmand Valley Growers Company Releases Chilliums

Helmand Valley Growers Company Chilliums

Helmand Valley Growers Company has released their new, pre-packed, eco-conscious Chillums. These are pharmaceutical-grade borosilicate glass pipes made in America

Each Chillum comes pre-packed with THC diamond dust flower available in three different strains (Indica, Sativa and Hybrid). An airtight cap cuts out airflow inside the load chamber, preserving the integrity of terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids, the company says. Instead of wasting paper on rolling your own, or all the plastic that comes with pre-rolls, HVGC’s glass Chillums can be refilled with any flower of your choice for continued use.

Chillums are engineered to provide 7 to 15 hits per use, and can be used on bongs with an adapter that acts as a filter layer for keeping bongs clean. 

100% of the profits from Chillium will go to the Battle Brothers Foundation, which helps fund studies on how cannabis can help treat PTS and pain in veterans.

Chillums and other HVGC products can be found throughout California. HVGC’s Chillums retail for about $20 and a full list of dispensaries can be found here.