Hawaii Senate Passes Marijuana Legalization Bill


Hawaii’s Senate has passed legislation to legalize and regulate adult-use marijuana in the state, as stated in Marijuana Moment. Senators voted 19-6 to approve the legalization bill on Tuesday, advancing a version with amendments made in committee last week.

The legislation, SB 3335, would allow adults 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana and up to five grams of cannabis concentrates. It would also establish a framework for licensed, regulated sales. The proposal is now being sent to the House of Representatives.

The measure, which would go into effect on January 1, 2026, would also permit the home cultivation of up to six marijuana plants and allow for the possession of up to two pounds of harvested homegrown weed, according to Forbes. The bill was introduced in the legislature in January and was approved by Senate legislative committees in February and earlier this week.

The cannabis legalization bill also expunges the records of past arrests and convictions for actions that are permitted or decriminalized under the measure, including marijuana possession charges. Petition-based expungements would begin on January 1, 2026, including petitions to review cannabis-related sentences, as stated in Forbes.


The Senate also passed a separate cannabis decriminalization bill, SB 2487, on a 24–1 vote, with only Sen. Kurt Fevella (R) opposed. Under that measure, possession of more than 15 grams of marijuana would be a third-degree violation, while possession of more than 30 grams would be a second-degree violation, according to Marijuana Moment.