Cannabis Testing Lab to Launch in New York

Certified Testing & Data (CTND) and Nova Analytic Labs (Nova) announced a joint venture in New York, launching a state-of-the-art testing lab to service the state’s burgeoning cannabis market. Licensed earlier this year as CTND NY, the new facility is located at 150 Broadway STE 194 in Albany and will officially open its doors in November.

With a vision to revolutionize the sector, CTND sets the cannabis industry standard for scientific innovation, operational success, regulatory compliance and consumer safety and education. 

The CTND team brings decades of cannabis, hemp, food, plant medicine and pharmaceutical experience from world-class companies like Eurofins, Merieux Nutrisciences, Pfizer and more. By partnering with Nova, the most trusted cannabis testing solutions lab in Maine, the joint venture aims to increase value for all stakeholders in the New York market.

Creating Safer Cannabis Experiences

For the state’s discerning cannabis consumers, CTND introduces its Certified Cannabis & CBD Check Marks – a hallmark of quality assurance. Echoing the trust factor associated with badges like Kosher and Organic for food products, the Certified Check Mark promises consumers a product that is safe and meets the highest industry standards.

“This exciting, new venture positions CTND as the premier partner for operators, providing extensive tailored services and quick turnaround times to fuel success and set a strong educational foundation for the market,” said Christopher Altomare, co-founder and CEO of Nova.

CTND founder and CEO Aaron Riley added, “Recent scrutiny of cannabis testing has highlighted widespread ethical lapses – our promise is absolute integrity. Consumers deserve to be confident that they are buying safe and accurately labeled products – the Certified Check Mark helps strengthen brands by securing this trust, significantly assuring purchasing decisions for the long term.”

CTND is not just another testing lab. Going beyond routine compliance and R&D testing, they aim to be partners in success. With standout services like Cannaleptic Testing and Plant Health Optimization Testing, CTND is dedicated to giving clients an edge in an increasingly competitive market.