7 Marijuana Storage Tips


In order to make your marijuana last as long as possible, you need to know how to store it. Proper storage is essential not only to preserve its potency and therapeutic properties but also to maintain its flavor and aroma.

To prevent you from ruining your marijuana, Dr. Horsham from Sanctuary Wellness Institute offers some solutions to ensure your cannabis remains fresh, potent and effective. 

Store in Specific Containers

The convenience of plastic baggies makes them a popular choice for cannabis storage. However, Dr. Horsham says there are many issues with this type of storage. 

“This method exposes your marijuana to air, which degrades THC over time,” says Dr. Horsham. “Not to mention, it will make wherever you store smell. Instead, store your marijuana in a small, airtight jar, preferably made of glass. These containers significantly reduce air exposure, helping to preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes that give your cannabis its unique effects and aroma.”

Don’t Store Marijuana in the Fridge

Dr. Horsham.

While it might seem like a cool fridge would be an ideal place to keep your cannabis, Dr. Horsham suggests this environment actually does more harm than good.

“Refrigerators have fluctuating humidity and temperatures, which encourage mold and mildew growth. Instead, keep your cannabis at an optimal storage temperature, ideally between 60-70°F (15-21°C), in a dark and cool place like a cupboard or closet that is not prone to temperature swings,” advises Dr. Horsham.

Stay Away From Electronics

Electronics and appliances emit heat, which Dr. Horsham says can alter your cannabis’ consistency and potency, especially if stored nearby for extended periods. Instead, keep your marijuana away from these and store in a stable, cool environment that will ensure the longevity and efficacy of the product. 

Keep Away From Other Strong-smelling Items

“Cannabis is known for its potent aroma, which other strong-smelling items in the vicinity can easily taint,” explains Dr. Horsham. “To keep your cannabis fresh, store it separately from items like spices or incense to prevent odor absorption. This way, your marijuana will maintain its natural aroma and flavor profile.”

Store Marijuana Out of Direct Light

Just like other prescription medications, light is one of the major factors that can degrade cannabis over time, according to Dr. Horsham. 

“UV rays break down cannabinoids and terpenes, reducing the quality and potency of your marijuana. To prevent this, store your cannabis in a dark place or invest in UV-protected containers,” suggests Dr. Horsham.

Keep Tabs on Humidity Levels

As Dr. Horsham mentioned above, humidity control is essential for preserving cannabis. Too low and your marijuana dries out and loses its flavor. Too high, and you risk mold and mildew. Dr. Horsham suggests keeping your storage environment’s humidity levels between 56% and 63% RH.

“If you live in a dryer climate, humidity packs can regulate moisture, keeping your cannabis in perfect condition,” recommends Dr. Horsham.

Don’t Mix Strains or Store Too Many Together

Each cannabis strain boasts unique flavors, effects and aromas. Mixing different strains in the same container will lead to cross-contamination and dilute these distinct characteristics, advises Dr. Horsham. 

“To prevent this, dedicate a separate airtight container for each strain. This prevents flavor blending and ensures you can enjoy the unique qualities of each strain as intended. It also will allow you to store smaller amounts and ensure freshness for longer,” says Dr. Horsham. 

There are a variety of do’s and don’ts for properly taking care of and storing your marijuana. Not following these tips can greatly impact the quality of your cannabis, so next time you get ready to store your stash, remember these tips and be sure to share them with others.