The Fino: Improving Vape Heating Technology

The new Fino vaporizer.
The new Fino vaporizer.

Technology is constantly evolving as a whole. And when it comes to the cannabis industry, it’s helping to deliver better innovation and products to both businesses and consumers alike. 

CCELL, a technology brand focused on vape hardware products and vaporization technology, just launched the Fino. As one of their latest advancements in heating technology, the Fino features a detachable dock with 1000 mAh of power and highly intuitive LED indicator lights.

Developing the Fino

According to a member of the CCELL PR team, the company spent about half a year working on the Fino’s product conception and design, and then another six months on production. The Fino was showcased during MJBizCon 2023 in Las Vegas, and will be available to consumers at the end of December. 

The CCELL PR team member also noted a few hiccups they experienced while developing the Fino, including leather quality. “We spent much time researching and screening the leather case supplier, and did meet some challenges because we don’t want to compromise the quality and its premium perceived value,” they say. 

Another issue brought up during the production process was battery structure. CCELL wanted the Fino to be in the best shape possible, so improving the CMF as well as the battery structure proved to be more difficult than they initially thought, according to the PR team member.

The Fino’s Distinctive Features

Distinguishing itself from other batteries, the Fino has a plethora of features that make this product release quite interesting.

1. Quintuple the Battery Life

The Fino is the first in CCELL’s battery line to come with a detachable power dock, providing consumers with a seamless and uninterrupted experience. It also helps prevent dead batteries while on the go, according to the PR team member.

“The power dock boasts a 1000 mAh battery capacity, offering over five full charges for its 190 mAh vape battery contained within,” the PR team member says. “It also magnetically connects to and is detachable from both the mini vape battery and its stylish leather case, giving users full freedom to enjoy their favorite oil when and where they desire.”

2. Potency and Flavor Controlled With Precision

Catering to everyone’s diverse preferences when it comes to flavor and potency, the PR team member explains that the Fino was engineered with eight voltage settings ranging from 2.2V to 3.6V. 

“These extensive options empower consumers to customize their experiences by lowering their voltage for more flavorful hits or increasing their voltage for more robust clouds of vapor with a few simple button taps,” they say.

3. Smooth, Consistent Clouds in an Instant

The Fino was also designed to address the issue of cartridge clogs consumers regularly deal with. Built with a 10-second preheat function, the PR team members states that the Fino battery warms up immediately with one tap of its preheat button to clear any potential cartridge clogs. This allows for smooth and consistent clouds in an instant.

4. Miniature Battery, Maximum Discretion

By far the smallest in the brand’s battery line, the Fino’s mini vape battery is as compact as two AA batteries and easily fits in one’s hand or pocket. 

“The rounded rectangle cutouts on both sides of the battery were thoughtfully designed to ensure a clear view of the cartridge’s remaining oil without having to remove it,” the PR team member says. “Its metallic casing and rounded edges also offer an ergonomic grip, ensuring complete effort and satisfaction at hand.”

5. Battery Life and Voltage Settings at a Glance

The Fino puts an end to the days of endless button taps and uncertainty. The built-in LED lights, positioned beside the power dock’s control panel, offer a comprehensive view of the current voltage setting and the battery life of both the mini vape battery and the power dock, according to the PR team member. 

CCELL has been continuing to improve upon the vaping industry since its inception in 2016. If you are interested in selling CCELL vapes in your store, you can contact them through their website.