Report: 68% Of Millennials Support Cannabis Legalization

A study released this week found that 68% of American Millennials support broad legalization for cannabis.

The study was conducted by DIG Insights, a leading global research firm. Entitled Cannabis Culture Report, it collected online responses between April 3 and 7, 2017 from about 1,105 Americans and 1,108 Canadians aged 18-65.

The study found that the majority of Americans (57%) support legalization. support is highest among men (61%), particularly younger men (79%). Among current users in states where marijuana is not currently legal, 37% say they are likely to consume more marijuana after it’s legalized.

Only 16% of Americans believe Marijuana is “very harmful,” which is lower than alcohol (27%), processed sugar (23%) and saturated fat (33%). A majority (51%) believes consumption can be beneficial, while only 32% believe that regular users are less successful in life. However, 25% report having a close friend or family member whose life was negatively affected by marijuana.

Among the findings, approximately 2 out of every 10 Americans (22%) have used recreational marijuana in the past year and an additional 24% would potentially use it if it became legal. Usage is highest among people aged 18-34 (30%) and those who are making less than $60K (27%). Nearly 11% of men in this age group report smoking marijuana daily.

Those who currently use marijuana report they do so to reduce stress and relieve anxiety (24%) or to promote relaxation and wellbeing (31%). Interestingly, while smoking remains the most common form of consumption, 54% have tried edibles, indicating a growing market opportunity for producers. Younger users are also more likely to have tried Vaping.

When people are high they are most likely to watch television (52%), eat (45%), listen to music (41%), socialize (33%) or drink alcohol (31%). Younger people were less likely to combine marijuana with alcohol as compared to those over 35.

Most Americans get their marijuana by purchasing it directly (53%), while others consume what they get from others (26%), and 21% report having a friend or family member purchase it on their behalf. Those that purchase typically buy a quarter ounce or less. The average price is $10/gram.

Where legal, 57% purchase at a dispensary. Most (42%), however, purchase at someone’s residence. A large majority (73%) report feeling very safe when purchasing marijuana and half say they’re never concerned about police intervention.

Results were weighted to reflect census proportions for age, gender and region in both countries. The margins of error was +/- 2.9% in each country.