Harpoon Expands Distro for First THC-Based Beverage

Harpoon Brewery will be expanding the distribution of their first THC-based beverage, Rec. Weed, into the Maine market.

Made in partnership with Massachusetts’ Novel Beverage Company, the new Maine distribution will feature 10 milligrams of THC per bottle, with the same taste profile, including passionfruit puree, green tea and hops.

Each bottle is 25 calories and includes three grams of sugar.

“The reaction to the Massachusetts launch of Rec. Weed was overwhelmingly positive and we’re looking forward to bringing this unique beverage to the great state of Maine,” says Dan Kenary, CEO and co-founder of Harpoon. “Novel Beverage Co. has been an incredible partner for us with their deep knowledge of the THC space and has allowed us to combine our expertise to create a one of a kind offering with Rec. Weed.”

Rec. Weed is brewed similarly to a session ale but without fermentation, meaning it has no alcohol content. The process starts with a base of green tea and a bit of added sugar, followed by the cold steeping of Citra and other West Coast hop oils and passionfruit puree. After the steeping process, THC is added to the liquid base, and the beverage is carbonated like a traditional beer.

This process imparts minimal THC flavor or aroma, the company says. And because the THC is absorbed into the liquid, people can feel its effects quicker than with more common edibles.

“After seeing the excitement on the Massachusetts launch of Rec. Weed, we were eager to get the beverage in our dispensaries across Maine,” says Joel Pepin, co-founder of JAR Cannabis. “The new beverage from Harpoon Brewery and Novel Beverage Co. is an exciting and unique product that offers our customers another way to enjoy THC.”

Rec. Weed will be available in 12-oz. bottles with a suggested retail price of $7 in Maine. It will be available year-round at recreational dispensaries throughout the state. The beverage will also continue to be available at recreational dispensaries in Massachusetts in 12-oz. slim cans with a suggested retail price of $6.99.