Goldleaf Sets to Dominate Florida Cannabis Market

Goldleaf Retail and Delivery Service

Goldleaf, a cannabis 2.0 brand focused on a unique positioning within the ever-growing cannabis market, aims to dominate the Floridian premium cannabis market through continued conscious and integrated expansion.

The cannabis brings a team of legacy growers that are steeped in knowledge, with decades of collective experience. Using sustainable, organic techniques that were honed on the west coast, they carefully tend to their cannabis plants through each step of the process.

White Glove Cannabis Delivery

The founders are respected industry experts who came together to create something the cannabis market has never seen with the Goldleaf Model, inclusive of White Glove delivery, currently offered across a variety of Florida regions, as well as curbside retail pick up. Their goal is to offer a new and evolved cannabis model for patients and customers expanding across the country as states adapt to newly implemented regulations, but the current focus is concentrated on the integration across all Florida markets.

“We are excited to offer our patients a luxury experience while distributing the highest quality medical cannabis for the most affordable price in an ethical way,” Mark Seid, Co-Founder of Goldleaf, said. “Our team is more than happy to deliver orders meeting our minimum requirement from our grow facility straight to your doorstep for no extra charge. We currently service 12 counties around central Florida.”


Conscious Cannabis Cultivation

By implementing a variety of proprietary techniques to their climate controlled greenhouses, Goldleaf’s growers maximize the potential of each particular strain. The brand takes pride in their conscious cultivation and use:

  • Organic soil
  • Live microorganisms for pest control instead of harsh chemicals that are also manatee safe with minimal drain waste

The conscious component is very important to brand founders, as well as the persona of the brand. “We strive to provide access to new varieties of strains to make sure there is something for all of our valued patients,” Mike Tese, SVP of Retail, said.

A Luxurious Take on Cannabis Delivery

Goldleaf currently offers a delivery service to patients, as well as their new luxury retail store in Sebring, direct from their grow in Mount Dora. The brand currently services 12 counties in central Florida, as well as Broward and Palm Beach counties via their luxury-style White Glove delivery service, with plans to open a second delivery hub and processing facility in Hillsborough county in late 2023.

Arriving either via Tesla or Lexus Hybrid, a tux or cocktail dress donning ambassador delivers the approved order to the White Glove service customer. This makes it easy and convenient for patients. For the curbside, customers can pre-order online and have the order brought out to their car upon arrival, for no hassle and a quick on-site pickup convenience factor.

Goldleaf also strives to deliver on customer service, with a team of delivery coordinators available to answer calls Monday-Sunday from 7am-9pm ET. Delivery reservation times vary based on the delivery address. Regions offered currently include Broward, Palm Beach, Lake County, Polk County, Seminole County, Sumter County, Sarasota County, and Orange County. The brand will continue to expand their operations throughout 2023, starting with their latest Sebring retail location which is now open, along with a soon-to-open North Tampa location by summer. 

“Providing unparalleled service is where we excel. From placing a delivery order to an in-store shopping experience, our entire team is dedicated to extending the highest quality customer service and care to our patients. 5-star hospitality every step of the way,” Seid remarked.

Goldleaf will continue to expand their product line with new solventless concentrates and product introductions at retail. They can currently accommodate any delivery directly to any private residence, place of work, or even a public location of the client’s choosing, as long as the location falls within the service area.