What Is The Cannabis Regulator?

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Welcome to the first issue of the Cannabis Regulator! This publication’s mission is to educate regulatory agencies about the legal cannabis industry through thoughtful features, informative interviews, pertinent data and relevant news stories to navigate the fast-evolving cannabis industry.

We believe it is time to form a private community that can confidentially share and learn together, online and in-person, about the challenges and opportunities that await federal, state and local governments with the expanding legalization of medical and recreational marijuana.

Drawing on our experience through a sister publication with Beverage Control Boards, Cannabis Regulator can uniquely present content with your perspective in mind without the hype. Cannabis Regulator will not review or advertise cannabis products. And we will not sell names or emails to other services.

In future issues of the Cannabis Regulator you will read about the state of the industry, the different cannabis laws throughout America, how agencies are preparing for their new responsibilities, how to promote safe cannabis consumption, how this industry affects the alcohol industry, who are the major leaders of the legal-marijuana movement, the economic impact of government-regulated cannabis, and much more. I look forward to contributing my perspective that began as an newspaper editor following the cannabis legalization movement 5 years ago.

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Kyle Swartz
Cannabis Regulator