Washington Politicians Seek To Protect State’s Cannabis Industry From Trump

Clipping marijuana leaf from cannabis plant at indoor garden ready for harvest

Lawmakers in states that have legalized recreational cannabis are moving to protect these industries from crackdown spurred by President Trump or Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This includes Washington.

Politicians from that state have introduced a bipartisan bill that would seeks protection of the recreational industry by “prohibiting the use of public resources to assist the federal government in any activity that might impede or interfere with Washington state’s regulation of marijuana and marijuana-related products.”

The bill further adds that “all public employees in this state are prohibited from assisting . . . any federal action or effort that might have the effect of impeding, obstructing, or otherwise interfering with . . . the laws, regulations, procedures, systems, or public agencies . . . related to the production, processing, sale, use, or possession of marijuana.”

Public employees who do aid the federal government in cannabis crackdowns risk disciplinary action, including the loss of employment.


This is perhaps stricter than similar legislation proposed in California. That state’s bill basically tells local and state leaders that they do not have to comply with federal laws against cannabis businesses.