Sonoma State University Launches Medical Cannabis Course

As the legal cannabis industry grows, education would seem important for anyone affected by this budding new industry.

Including health care professionals. If marijuana use is to spread considerably, then doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and others in that industry will likely see a rise in patients using the drug. So Sonoma State University has launched a course to educate these professionals about cannabis, according to a news article in the Argus Courier.

The 1-day crash course is called “Medical Cannabis: A Clinical Focus,” the article reports, and will “cover subjects such as the history of cannabis, an introduction to cannabinoids and terpenes, dosing and administration, legal implications and other medical-related issues.”

Attendees would receive credit for taking this workforce development course. It’s held in conjunction with the United Patients Group, a California-based nonprofit that provides medical cannabis education and consulting.


A three-day class on regulatory concerns for legal marijuana is planned by the University this March.