RoadTrip Dispensary Officially Opens its Doors in Salisbury, MA

RoadTrip Dispensary
RoadTrip Dispensary

Independent and locally owned, RoadTrip Dispensary just officially opened its doors on May 5. Located at the junction of 95 and 495 on 191 Lafayette Road in Salisbury, MA, the adult-use dispensary boasts fresh products that are sourced directly from neighboring cultivation and extraction facilities. 

“We did a soft launch on May 5, but we’re planning a grand opening party on June 22,” says RoadTrip Dispensary general manager Janelle Mucci. “The soft launch just lets us get our doors open, get our feet wet and have our team get training under their belts.”

Next Door Cultivation and Extraction

The official opening of the locally owned and independently operated retail dispensary comes in partnership with Massachusetts-based Root & Bloom. This not only allows RoadTrip to be vertically integrated and gives them access to fresh flower right next door, but it also allows customers to get a “behind-the-scenes” view of where their products come from.

Inside RoadTrip Dispensary.

RoadTrip Draws Consumers Inside

Designed with convenience and style in mind, RoadTrip features a modern interior showcasing sleek lines and vibrant colors, the dispensary states. Spanning 5,000-square feet, the spacious layout allows for a relaxed shopping experience. 

The store offers a wide range of products, including innovations from partner Root & Bloom’s family of brands such as Crispy Commission Concentrates, Root & Bloom and Joy Bombs. Regular education sessions will include in-store pop-ups and information sessions with brands, cultivators and extractors, according to the dispensary. 

So far, all of these features have garnered the attention of cannabis consumers in the area. Mucci says sales have been really good since the dispensary first opened. 

“We definitely had a higher number of customers come in the first week than we initially anticipated,” she says. “We had people waiting in line to get in, which was awesome to see people that excited. It’s been a good experience so far. Everyone seems to be excited that we’re finally here and open.”

Getting Shoppers Involved

Inside RoadTrip Dispensary.

Since loyalty programs seem to be at the forefront of almost every brand now, RoadTrip also wanted a way to keep customers involved and coming back for more. Their loyalty program, the TrailBlazers Club, allows for anyone to be involved in the RoadTrip community, even if you live outside of the Salisbury area. 

“Loyalty members get different incentives and birthday specials — basically any way we can treat them and give them something extra, we want to be able to do that,” explains Mucci. “They can sign up through our website or in-store via a QR code. It’s very easy for them to sign up, and once they do, they start earning rewards immediately.”

Exciting Things Ahead

With the summer just weeks away, RoadTrip Dispensary has a lot of exciting events and pop-ups planned coming up. Not to mention their grand opening party planned for June.

“We’re just as excited as the folks who are coming out to see us, so just being able to be a part of the community this summer is exciting,” says Mucci. “For the grand opening party, we’re planning a nostalgic carnival theme. We’ll have old-fashioned cotton candy machines, some carnival games, music and food truck vendors. Hopefully it’ll appeal to anyone coming to the area, along with the Salisbury folks.”