Mitra9 New Mango Sunrise Extract Shot 

Kava Kanna Mango Sunrise shot

Beverage company Mitra9 just debuted the new Kava Kanna Mango Sunrise shot. This marks the brand’s first foray into the realm of Kanna-infused products.

Kanna, known for its traditional use in South Africa, adds a unique dimension to Mitra9’s expanding portfolio of botanical wellness solutions. Combining the relaxing properties of Kava with the mood-enhancing benefits of Kanna, the Mango Sunrise shot offers a refreshing and uplifting experience, crafted for consumers seeking natural alternatives, the brand states.

“This launch is a testament to our dedication to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of our consumers,” said Dallas Vasquez, co-founder of Mitra9, in a news release. “We are excited to introduce the Kava Kanna Mango Sunrise shot, offering a blend that harmonizes the best of nature’s bounty.”

The Kava Kanna Mango Sunrise shot joins Mitra9’s diverse lineup, which includes formats like 12oz seltzers and 2oz shots.