Levia Launches Pride Edition Cannabis-infused Seltzer

Levia Cannabis Infused Seltzer - Pride Edition

Levia, a cannabis-infused seltzer brand, has announced the debut of its latest limited-edition offering, in honor of Pride month.

Hitting shelves throughout Massachusetts later this week, the limited-edition pride can features original artwork from Hailey Bonia of Flourish Artistic Services, a Massachusetts digital designer and muralist.

The design features an illustration of planet earth wrapped in the progressive pride flag in the form of a “hug,” as Bonia believes, “every LGBTQ+ person of every sexuality, gender and identity, deserves to feel appreciated, acknowledged, loved and supported not only during pride, but at all times.”

The label design ties in the colors associated with pride and incorporates a variety of heart-shaped figures to depict inclusivity and love for all.

In addition, LEVIA donated $5,000 to Massachusetts’ Transgender Emergency Fund during their Trans Pride: A Celebration of Liberation event on June 4 at Boston’s City Hall. The donation will help provide homeless transgender individuals within the state with temporary housing for a year, accompanied by staff to oversee and support the program by providing resources for members as they work to secure their own employment and housing in the future.

“It’s important for all individuals to feel accepted and included by our brand,” says Kristin Rogers, manager of diversity, equity and inclusion at Levia, “Pride is all about celebration and whether you’re experiencing it out with friends or enjoying a backyard porch hang, we hope Levia’s Pride edition accompanies your celebratory efforts.”

Levia’s Pride edition mimics the effects of Levia’s “Celebrate” seltzer, consisting of a hybrid cannabis blend that provides consumers with an uplifting, elevated experience, the company says, with the flagship lemon-lime flavor.

The onset of effects typically begin within 15-20 minutes. Levia’s products are made in Georgetown, Massachusetts and contain locally sourced buds and all-natural ingredients. Each 12-oz. can of seltzer contains 5mg THC, zero calories and zero sugar.

Beginning the week of June 1, 2022, LEVIA’s Pride edition rolls out in 150 licensed dispensaries throughout the state of Massachusetts. Seltzers are sold individually at MSRP of $7.00.