Jones Soda Releases Cannabis Products Under Mary Jones brand

May Jones Cannabis-Insfused Sodas, syrup and gummies

Jones Soda has announced its next entry into the cannabis-infused beverage and edibles business with the release of the first products from a new division operating under the Mary Jones brand.

The launch of a portfolio of 16 different SKU’s includes single- and multi dose-infused sodas, as well as syrup and gummies offered in four of the Jones Soda flavors.

Initially launching in California, the portfolio is meant to fill a gap in the market between micro-dose, health-claim driven brands, and the high-potency terpene flavor profile brands, by offering users an alternative for their existing consumption occasions.

The first Mary Jones products include: 

  • A 10mg cannabis-infused soda sold in single-dose, 12-oz. bottles with a four-pack carrier, meant for social occasions and sharing
  • A 100mg cannabis-infused soda packaged in a 16-oz., 10-serving can
  • A 1000mg syrup cannabis tincture designed for mixing with other drinks, using as a food topping or taking in small oral doses, initially available in a 4-oz. bottle
  • 5mg cannabis-infused gummies shaped like miniature Jones soda bottles, sold in 20-count packages with a mini four-pack carrier build-it-yourself option