Indeed Brewing Releases Sparkling THC Drink

Indeed Brewing Company Sparkling THC - High Fiver Citrus Grass

Indeed Brewing Company has released a 5mg THC drink called High Fiver Sparkling THC.

“Everyone has been asking for our 5mg Sparkling THC, and we’re excited to bring it to life,” says Ryan Bandy, Director of Experiences at the leading Minneapolis brewery. “It took us a minute because we’ve been focused on making sure our processes are dialed in as we’ve been learning a lot about THC beverages. As with all of our beers, consistency and quality is paramount, and when we see some of the other inconsistencies in this early phase of THC in Minnesota, we think it’s even more important.”

“The flavor is also really delicious: the melange of citrus plays really nicely with the touch of lemongrass,” Bandy adds. “It’s a fun counterpart to Two Good; both have a cool herbal component contrasting with citrus, which is fun to drink and still unique in the market.”

Two Good Sparkling THC, the 2mg version, also launched.

Two Good Goodies (2mg THC and 2mg CBD) and High Fiver Goodies (5mg THC and 5mg CBD) are coming soon, as well as a rebranded Lull CBD Seltzer.