First National TV Spot to Use ‘Cannabis’ Airing on MSNBC, VICE, CNN, Fox

Hoban Law Group, a full-service cannabis and hemp law firm in Colorado, has received approvals and is now airing the first national TV spot for the cannabis industry.

The advertisement marks the first time that a national TV spot has used the word ‘cannabis.’ Bob Hoban, leading legal expert in the cannabis industry and founder of Hoban Law Group, appears in the advertisement discussing the firm’s specialties and national reach.

“As the first ‘cannabusiness’ law firm, we’ve seen firsthand how the industry has significantly evolved in the last nine years,” says Hoban. “We’re excited to once again make waves in the legal side of the cannabis industry, starting a new trend of legal advertising.”

The 30-second advertisement is unique in that Hoban Law Group’s services do not include any tangible product, only legal and business consulting. This helped in receiving approvals from each network to air during primetime slots. The commercial first aired on August 21 and will continue through mid-September, airing eight times per day on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Viceland, The Weather Channel, Headline News, and Fox Business. To view the video, visit the Hoban Law Group website.

Formed in 2009, Hoban Law Group provides expert commercial legal advice to its clients in the regulated marijuana dispensary system and the industrial hemp industry. Hoban Law Group has attorneys in every state and territory where legalization has occurred.