Is The Economic Impact Too Big For Sessions To Block Legal Cannabis?

Although the newly appointed U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has a record of criticizing cannabis, many believe that the economic impact of damaging the legal cannabis industry will dissuade him from taking federal action against it.

In a recent article by U.S. News, Derek Peterson, CEO of Terra Tech, a 200-employee cannabis-growing company in California and Nevada, had this to say: “We’re not talking one thousand or two thousand jobs, we’re talking billions in revenue, hundreds of millions in taxes, tens of thousands of jobs . . . The economics are far too large and I think they understand that.”

Peterson is likely right. To squash the legal cannabis industry at a time when its economically blooming, and bringing big-time dollars to states that have passed the law, would stand against everything that the new Trump administration stands for in terms of pro-business policies.

Although it has not been easy to predict the next moves of President Trump, one thing he seems resolute about is growing U.S. business. And with legal cannabis booming, one would think that this president would step out of its way, let the states decide for themselves, and not disrupt what’s become among America’s fastest-expanding industries.