Delaware’s Medical Marijuana Program Receives Upgrade

medical marijuana

After Delaware Gov. John Carney (D) signed a bill back in May to significantly expand the state’s medical cannabis program, the new law has now taken full effect.

According to Marijuana Moment, the policy change removes limitations for patient eligibility based on a specific set of qualifying health conditions. Instead, doctors will be able to issue cannabis recommendations for any condition they see fit. The new law will also allow patients over the age of 65 to self-certify for medical cannabis access without the need for a doctor’s recommendation.

Medical Marijuana Program Upgrades

Here are the key provisions of the medical cannabis expansion legislation, HB 285:

  • The list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana will be removed, allowing doctors to recommend cannabis for any condition that they believe patients could benefit from.
  • Patients 65 or older will be able to self-certify their need for medical cannabis—without any need for a recommendation from a healthcare provider.
  • Regulators will be authorized to issue medical cannabis cards with two- or three-year terms, instead of just the current one-year term.
  • Patients diagnosed with a terminal illness, meanwhile, will be able to qualify for a card with an “indefinite” expiration date.
  • The measure will provide patients with medical marijuana cards from other jurisdictions with the same privileges as registered in-state patients.

Marijuana Moment also notes that the reform is meant to allow recreational sales to begin soon.