Curaleaf Launches Hemp Derived Product Line

Curaleaf's new hemp product line
Curaleaf's new hemp product line

Cannabis products brand Curaleaf just launched an all-new line of hemp-derived THC products under the company’s Select and Zero Proof brands. Products are available now to order direct-to-consumer via the company’s new online storefront,

Additional distribution will include strategic partnerships through conventional retail and on-demand delivery in partnership with DoorDash, the company states. will also partner with 3rd-party hemp brands to offer additional products. 

“This exciting announcement is twofold: we are launching our own line of hemp-derived THC products as well as an exciting e-commerce platform as a one stop marketplace for all safe and tested hemp derived products,” said Boris Jordan, Executive Chairman of Curaleaf, in a news release. “We continue to advocate for one regulatory framework for all cannabinoids, and with the launch of both this new product line and direct to consumer marketplace, Curaleaf creates opportunity to generate substantial shareholder value while providing adult consumers with Farm Bill-compliant, responsibly manufactured, high-quality products.”

Curaleaf’s Hemp Product Portfolio

To meet the growing demand in the hemp-derived THC category, Select’s core gummies, Fast-Acting, Classic and X Bites are designed for maximum absorption. Select Zero Proof seltzers, available in a variety of fruit flavors, the company states.

Curaleaf’s products will be available in 25 states and the District of Columbia via direct-to-consumer delivery and through the company’s national distribution partners. Some active measures that Curaleaf says it is taking to differentiate its current product portfolio from the largely unregulated hemp marketplace include:

  • Age-gating: Selling to adults 21+ only with age confirmation, requiring verification at purchase
  • Quality: Offering products containing only naturally derived THC from hemp
  • Manufacturing: Made in a certified cGMP facility with high standards
  • Labeling: Transparent package labeling listing ingredients, potency, and a QR code that links customers to certificates of analysis from independent testing labs, in addition to other important product-level information

“As the market demand for hemp-derived products grows, we remain committed to exploring the many ways in which we can leverage our high standards for manufacturing, production and quality to deliver safe and trusted products to adult consumers at retail and through e-commerce,” said Matt Darin, CEO of Curaleaf, in the release. “Each of our hemp-derived gummies and seltzer-based beverages are made with our strict quality control practices, which is lacking in the current market. We look forward to setting a new standard with trusted products delivered in a convenient, seamless way for every type of cannabis consumer.”