Clear Cannabis Launches ENDO Craft Vapes

Clear Cannabis - Craft Vapes

Clear Cannabis, licensor of The Clear concentrates brand, has announced the launch of ENDO, a new line of live resin craft vapes.

Through a partnership with Clear Colorado Group (CCG) for manufacturing and distribution, ENDO is now available in Colorado’s recreational cannabis market.

ENDO is made with live resin extract and The Clear’s high-grade distillate and a touch of their all-natural flavors. “ENDO” is in reference to the endocannabinoid system, which interacts with cannabinoids and other compounds in cannabis to produce beneficial effects in the body, the company says.

The launch of the ENDO brand is an extension of CCI’s portfolio to offer a new product line that features live resin. This concentrate is known for having more terpenes and cannabinoids from the natural cannabis plant, the company says.

“More and more consumers are developing a taste for live resin products,” says Tom Brooksher, CCI’s Chief Executive Officer. “So, we looked at what they had to choose from in the seven states we operate in and saw a need for a high-quality, smooth experience with outstanding taste characteristics. We applied our scientific, product quality and product safety standards to the task and believe we’ve re-engineered the category and produced an innovative new live resin vape product that is far superior to any on the market when it comes to customer experience.”

Starting this month, CCG and CCI are launching 500-mg. ENDO live resin vape cartridges in several flavor varieties, including Blueberry, Grapevine, and Lemon Haze, with more flavors to come. These flavors are made with natural plant-derived terpenes and paired with cannabis strain profiles of the live resin extract.

“We are proud to partner with the best growers in the state to source high-quality biomass to be carefully extracted and refined before blending into our top-tier tested distillate. The result is carefully paired with our proprietary flavor profiles that best match and enhance the aroma for optimal effects and satisfaction,” says James Granger, General Manager of CCG. “All batches are hand mixed and filled carefully by our expert team to preserve terpenes and enhance flavor.”

CCI launched ENDO in Colorado in March and April 2022, and in additional states throughout the year.