2023 Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for your pot-loving friend? Or maybe you want to treat yourself to something nice. Either way, Cannabis Regulator has you covered this holiday season with our 2023 Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide. 

From flower and vapes to bongs and holiday-themed gifts, our guide has a little bit of everything. Check out these products just in time for whatever winter holiday you celebrate!

Daily Support Nano CBD Capsules

Twisted Spoke’s CBD capsules offer relaxation and pain relief throughout the day, the company says. Each plant-based nano pill contains 25mg of CBD. The capsules are offered in a full spectrum version that contains trace amounts of THC, or an isolate that is third-party tested and has no detectable THC. 

Twisted Spoke

Price: $9.99 for Full Spectrum/$6.99 for Isolate

Sweater Weather Betty’s Edibles

This limited-edition batch contains apple pie fruit chews made with cinnamon, sugar and CBG. Whether you’re gearing up for the holidays or getting your winter hibernation on, Betty’s newest fruit chews will be the ultimate companions for cozy vibes. The dosage varies per state. 

Betty’s Eddies

Available in Massachusetts, Maryland and Delaware

Insa Tablits

These fast-acting, plant-based pills are crafted with a variety of botanical ingredients and cannabinoids to support the specific needs of consumers and patients. Available in G’Night Tablits to help aid in sleep and Amped Tablits for energy. 

Insa Cannabis

Price: $30

RISE Advent Calendar

RISE Advent Calendar is loaded with 12 Chillums filled with a unique strain for each day leading up to the holiday. Includes: 4g of flower in each Chillum and 4.8 total grams of flower in the box. 

RISE Cannabis

Price: $80

Available at RISE Dispensaries in Illinois

Hemper – Wreath XL Bong

Made from borosilicate glass, this bong has an extra thick and sturdy base for support. Inside, there is an inline percolator so users can chief this wreath with ease. 


Price: $199.99

Available Nationwide

Beboe Vape Pens

Founded by celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell, Beboe was created for those looking for a mindful and elevated cannabis experience. Sparkly yet functional, Beboe Vape Pens are designed to be “socially-dosed,” Beboe products deliver sophisticated, sleek, 100% natural cannabis experience that enhances your day without losing your cool. Varieties include Inspired Vape Pen and Downtime Vape Pen. 


Price: $55-$70

Available in Illinois and Nevada

LEVIA Cannabis-Infused Seltzers

Rooted in simple, delicious, all-natural ingredients, LEVIA cannabis-infused seltzers and tinctures are the new way to imbibe. The brand’s proprietary process delivers crisp and refreshing cannabis-infused drinks with zero calories and sugar. So users can enjoy a better tasting, better for you, buzz.


Price: $6 per can

Available in Massachusetts

Dogwalkers Show Dog Infused Pre-Rolls

Show Dogs is a new line of infused pre-rolls that are crafted with premium cannabis flower that is harvested at peak freshness and infused with high-grade concentrate to provide top-class levels of potency, making them perfect for elevated journeys and new experiences. 


Price: $50 5-pack 2.25mg Mini Dogs/$30 1g Big Dogs

Available in Illinois

Flower by Edie Parker Burn Bag

The Burn Bag introduces a cleverly integrated retractable lighter holster that keeps the blaze close to home, a slinky crossbody chain and a high-shine structured body that’s perfectly roomy. Available in Patent Black Croc, Weedie Leaf, Metallic Pink and Silver Mirror.

Edie Parker

Price: $325-$350